July 19, 2016

I will always be a supporter of trying new things within creativity. The unknown of what could happen when you incorporate something new is probably my most favorite thing about it. I know my lettering already has brush characteristics to it, but lately, I have been wanting to explore some new elements and styles that I can add into my library of letters. Some of these here that are super brushy, and have unique/organic compositions have really been catching my eye!




Chris Ballasiotes and Bianca Cash are two that do “brushy” very, very well. I love the variety of scale and negative space here that Becky Simpson uses, and this piece next to her by Anne Wenkel has always been on of my favorites!

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Chris Ballasiotes | 2. Bianca Cash | 3. Maddy Nye | 4. wrdbnr | 5. Becky Simpson / Chipper Things | 6. Anne Wenkel | 7. Kira Gardner | 8. Yani Arabena, Guille Vizzari & Ale Paul, for Sudtipos



July 13, 2016


I have always loved the split leaf philodendron, or Monstera Deliciosa plant. It is a common houseplant native to the tropical rainforests of Southern Mexico. It’s enormous leaves are so unique, it can instantly take your space to a new and refreshing tropical level. During some inspiration searching and ideating for a recent project, I found myself wanting a pattern composed of these awesome leaves. So….I made one!

I took a few leaves off of my plant, rolled some paint onto them, stamped them on paper, scanned them in, and then began creating the pattern from there. I’ve loved it so much that I made it into some desktop and iPhone wallpapers to share with you guys too! You can download them all below!






monstera-iphone-two monstera-iphone-row





Lime Green: Desktop | iPhone

Pink: Desktop | iPhone

Purple: Desktop | iPhone

Orange: Desktop | iPhone

Blue: Desktop | iPhone

Teal: Desktop | iPhone


**IMPORTANT: All designs here are owned by HIBRID, and are for personal use only. These are NOT for commercial use, or to be used in any type of retail sale. 



July 6, 2016

I love reading Domino Magazine, so much that I wish it was published monthly and not quarterly! One of my most favorite things about it is the wide variety of inspiration it provides me. It’s the perfect amount to entertain my HIBRID mind! From interiors, to furniture, color palettes, patterns, fashion, etc., there is always something amazing that I love and can take away from each reading of it.

I fell in love with a lot from this Summer 2016 issue, and one of my favorites was this light and bright renovated bungalow by Austin based Interior Designer, Claire Zinnecker.







My favorite part of her reno is definitely the kitchen. My dream kitchen is pretty close to this! I think I want more white in my cabinets, but her mix of natural wood, white, and rose gold is just perfect. Awesome fact #2: the dishwasher front is copper!







Photos by Molly Winters for Domino Magazine



June 27, 2016



I’ve been loving some things lately and apparently they’re all white and gold….which I’m totally fine with! These copper leather Birkenstocks are obviously amazing. I’m currently out of stock in the notebook department, so these cute gold foil ones from LEIF would be awesome additions. Coffee cups will always be an item that I buy too much of and have too many of, but I love how different each one of them are! I’ve really been loving the unique, simple jewelry designs I’ve seen lately like these stardust studs. It’s a small thing, I know, but an ugly keychain bothers me! This nice leather pair from POKETO is an easy fix for that. White pouf….been looking for one EVERYWHERE! Or, I’d also take gold, duh. “Art Every Day” pin doesn’t need much explanation of why its amazing. Lastly, with lots of lettering, comes lots of paper that I need to organize, and sometimes paperclips can only take so much. These gold outline clips from Bando’s desk accessories collection are perfect for the job and beautiful as well!

Copper Birkenstocks | Brass Key Fob | Wandering Triangles MugArt Everyday Pin | Mystical Notebook Set | Starburst Earrings | White Leather Moroccan Pouf | Bando Outline Clips