If you’ve been on the site lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve changed things up a bit…well A LOT actually! (Thanks to Blogzilla per usual!) I liked the way that each page has a new look and function.

The blog page now has a slider at the top for showcasing featured posts. It’s a place where I can keep some of the most important posts up for you to be able to access and navigate to. This is one of my favorite parts about its new look. You’ll also see that published blog posts now have a “Read More” button at the end of them. I wasn’t sure if I liked these when I first saw them on other sites, but I eventually came around to them and I think that they make your site look a lot cleaner and feel more organized.

The Instagram feed is now is two places. In the sidebar like usual, and also at the footer of each page. The “About” and “Contact” pages are roughly the same.

The Portfolio Page now has its own landing page with a grid of projects. (This is still in progress, as I have had to recreate all the posts for them due to the new layout/function). Once you click on a project, you’ll then be taken to it’s page where you can view additional images of the project.

That concludes all of the changes, so what do you guys think?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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