I’ve been loving some things lately and apparently they’re all white and gold….which I’m totally fine with! These copper leather Birkenstocks are obviously amazing. I’m currently out of stock in the notebook department, so these cute gold foil ones from LEIF would be awesome additions. Coffee cups will always be an item that I buy too much of and have too many of, but I love how different each one of them are! I’ve really been loving the unique, simple jewelry designs I’ve seen lately like these stardust studs. It’s a small thing, I know, but an ugly keychain bothers me! This nice leather pair from POKETO is an easy fix for that. White pouf….been looking for one EVERYWHERE! Or, I’d also take gold, duh. “Art Every Day” pin doesn’t need much explanation of why its amazing. Lastly, with lots of lettering, comes lots of paper that I need to organize, and sometimes paperclips can only take so much. These gold outline clips from Bando’s desk accessories collection are perfect for the job and beautiful as well!

Copper Birkenstocks | Brass Key Fob | Wandering Triangles MugArt Everyday Pin | Mystical Notebook Set | Starburst Earrings | White Leather Moroccan Pouf | Bando Outline Clips

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