I usually don’t make wish list’s just because most of the time I will end up buying most of what’s on it and I try to be sensible about what I buy. It’s already happening though! I’m already one down on this list ( the Britt Bass He & I phone case) but, I told Aileen from At Home in Love I was going to make my own wish list as well after seeing her post. So here’s mine for the current time being! What’s on your wish list this fall?!

Blah Cocktail Glass | Steve Madden Elusion Leopard Pony Fur D’Orsay Flats | Britt Bass iPhone Case | Dots Pillow Case | Shimmer Bangle | Ombre Wool Throw | Black Coral Snake Plant

2 comments on “OCTOBER WISH LIST”

  1. You are so right about the wish lists. I always end up wanting to buy basically everything on mine…but I’m still glad you made one! Love everything on here and I’m really wishing that Britt Bass case was available for iPhone 6’s. I still haven’t found a cute one for my phone yet!

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