Does anyone else change their coffee habits based on what season it is? I do. I drink iced, cold coffee in the summers, and hot coffee in the colder months. It’s starting to get colder here, so I think I’m going to have to make the switch over here soon back to hot coffee. And of course you know what that means?! YES…I need a new cup!

I’ve had my eyes on this coffee cup for over a year now! I was in love when I first found it. And yes, due to my love of coffee, I have what is probably an unhealthy addiction to coffee cups. Although I loved this one, I was really bummed that it only came in 8oz and 12oz sizes at the time. I definitely drink more than 12oz of coffee, so I held off purchasing and hoped to god that they would eventually make a larger size. Well the day has finally come! The Joco Coffee Cup is now available in a larger 16oz size for those of us who need a little bit more in the mornings.


Some of my favorite things about these cups are that they come in a number of different colors, sizes, and that they are glass! This is a different and unique design that I’m not use to seeing all the time and I love it. Each year, 2.25 billion paper cups are used to distribute coffee, equally 50,000,000 trees needing to be cut down. Joco’s reusable, glass design won’t alter your coffee’s flavor over time, lasts longer, and is BPA and chemical free.

The Joco Cup comes in 3 different sizes: 8oz, 12oz, and the new 16oz size. You can also purchase cup items individually as well by glass cup, lid, and cup sleeve.


The Joco Cup also has eco-friendly sustainable packaging to match its reusable product design. Reuse its packaging container to hold and/or store just about anything. So who wants a Joco Cup?! I just ordered this 16oz mint beauty that should be arriving today!

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