titleI came across this new brand on Instagram not to long ago and fell in love with it. Especially its gorgeous logo and storefront!

Located in Portland, Work/Shop is botanical gift shop and collective workspace that offers beautiful flowers, succulents, cacti, and numerous products from candles, to jewelry, stationary, ceramics, wall hangings, leather goods and more that are all crafted by talented local and independent makers.

Work/Shop also offers a number of classes and workshops in weaving, candle making, DIY jewelry, calligraphy, and computer software. You can see the full most current list here: Work/Shop Class Schedule


I also want to stop right here for a minute and just admire the beauty of this how this storefront signage is done. Big, organic hand drawn letters, that span the entirety of the facade and window space?! It doesn’t get much better than that. I wish more storefronts handled their branding and signage this way. If I had my own store, I think it might look something like this. It is just gorgeous!

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All images via Work/Shop

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  1. Hello! Long time follower on Instagram and I’ll shamefully admit, it’s my first time to your blog. I’m so bad at that, ya know? I just fell in love when everything you got going on here. So amazing. I dabble in some hand lettering but all digital – I use a Wacom tablet. Just pinned your post about different brushes. Two things. 1. Have you ever blogged about the process of taking your hand lettering on paper to digital format? Curious what that looks like. 2. I would love to work together sometime. Love love love!

    1. Hi Ashley! I have gotten lots of requests about this topic, so it looks like I need to share a post on it! It’s definitely something on my list to get done 🙂

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