I will always be a supporter of trying new things within creativity. The unknown of what could happen when you incorporate something new is probably my most favorite thing about it. I know my lettering already has brush characteristics to it, but lately, I have been wanting to explore some new elements and styles that I can add into my library of letters. Some of these here that are super brushy, and have unique/organic compositions have really been catching my eye!


Chris Ballasiotes and Bianca Cash are two that do “brushy” very, very well. I love the variety of scale and negative space here that Becky Simpson uses, and this piece next to her by Anne Wenkel has always been on of my favorites!

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Chris Ballasiotes | 2. Bianca Cash | 3. Maddy Nye | 4. wrdbnr | 5. Becky Simpson / Chipper Things | 6. Anne Wenkel | 7. Kira Gardner | 8. Yani Arabena, Guille Vizzari & Ale Paul, for Sudtipos

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