We had our R+F photoshoot over the weekend and it was AMAZING you guys! We got some really great shots and I can’t wait to see more of them! Being IN the photoshoot and part way running it while trying to get behind the scenes footage/images was a bit of a struggle, but we were able to get a fair amount…check em out below!

My business partner Kristina and I actually haven’t seen each other in person since speech class at SCAD over 10 years ago! With the ways of social media and our love for design, we kept up and followed each others accounts, but weren’t super close friends you’d say…

When I started my R+F business, Kristina was someone I reached out to and shared my business with. She joined as a customer and started on Lash Boost. Within a few months, she had amazing lashes that were getting compliments from everyone and made her perfect “wedding ready” for her special day that year.

A month or so after her wedding, her and her husband were sitting down looking at their future and their finances and knew they wanted more, and needed a way to have that “more”.

We chatted about the business and how it could help her and her future life/family and she decided to take the leap and join our team! …and here we are, she’s 8 months in and neither of us would give it up for anything. We talk every week and have such a closer friendship now! The people you meet in this business will change your life every step of the way if you let it.

P.S. Photoshoots and things like this are certainly not required if you’re a part of this business, we just did it because we wanted to! It’s so rewarding when you can build and run a business how you want it and make it reflect you and who you are 

If you think that this might be something for you, or you’re curious about what it could do for you and other you know, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am always happy and excited to share this business with new people everyday!

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