Are you looking for a great fall/winter DIY?! Well I have a special one for you that I’ve been waiting such a LONG time to share! ( I have a reason for the procrastination I promise! ) I did this design trends post about a year ago on Chunky Knits, and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I instantly fell in love with these enormous, fluffy, oversized blankets. Of course my first instinct was to try and figure out where I could purchase one of these, but the choices were limited and also very pricey. So, my only choice was to learn a new skill…knitting!


I never pictured myself doing this….ever, but it’s actually quite easy, even if you’ve never knitted a day in your life…like me. I was also pretty proud that I taught myself how, and also how quickly I actually picked it up. And although this project may seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming at first, once you get the hang of it, the knits are very simple to create and in the end you will have a gorgeous one of a kind piece of your own.


I already had a picture in my head of how I wanted my blanket to look: Extra large in size and a creamy, bright white color. Having this idea first before you start will obviously be more beneficial to you.

Let’s start with the supplies that you’ll need: 

– 5.2 oz yarn type

**The number of rolls ( also called “skeins” ) you will need will be determined on how large you want your blanket to be. I am 6’0″ tall so I made mine about Queen size so it would be able to cover all of me! This is the yarn I used in white: Loops & Threads Chunky Yarn

**This is my reason for procrastination! Make sure you choose a yarn type that is plenty available either in stores or online for purchase. I chose this yarn pretty quick because I loved it and there were about 5-6 skeins of it in the store when I bought it, so I thought it would always be there in stock, but for the large size of blanket I was making, once I made more trips back to Michaels to get my yarn, it was all gone, and was also out of stock online. I finished it out using a total of 56 skeins of yarn.

– 2 pieces of PVC pipe, each piece at 3 1/2′ feet long and 1 1/2″ – 2″ inches diameter

**Don’t try and buy regular knitting needles for this project. PVC pipe will serve as your knitting needles! You will need a larger size needle like this to create the larger chunky loops. You can find these easy at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

– 2 styrofoam cones ( Hobby Lobby or Michaels )

– 2 styrofoam flat discs ( Hobby Lobby or Michaels )

– 1 roll of duct tape

– Large box cutter/ xacto knife



First, you’ll want to start off with your 2 cone shapes. These will serve as your “pointy ends” of the needle. Cut into the base of it a little ways toward the center but not all the way through, cutting around the outside of the circle shape. Test one of the cone shapes, and see if it fits into the PVC pipe hole accordingly. If not, shave some more layers of styrofoam off with your box cutter until it fits. Once both of these cone pieces fit into both separate pieces of PVC pipe, then you’ll want to wrap a few layers of duct tape around it to secure the two together forming the needle point.

Next, you’ll want to take each of your styrofoam discs and cut a hole into the center of each of them so that they can slide onto the opposite ends of the PVC pipe. These will keep your yarn work from falling off the end of the needle. Once these fit, wrap duct tape around them leaving a little bit of room so that you can still slide them onto the pipe, but to where they won’t be loose and falling off. Need additional help with these? Check out this tutorial on Knit Knot Purl Curl.

Next, let’s make our ball of yarn to start knitting with! To achieve this chunky fat knit, you will need to combine 3 rolls of yarn, into 1 single strand while rolling it into a ball.










Once you have your large ball of yarn rolled, you’ll need to cast on your stitches. Yay! You’re beginning! Like I said previously, I made my blanket Queen size so that it would be big enough to cover me. Casting on is how you get your yarn attached to the PVC pipe ( your needle in this case ). I casted on 48 stitches. So depending on how large you want your item to be, that will depend on how many stitches you cast on. Casting on is very simple. I watched this simple tutorial to learn how, and used “Method 2 of 2” here: “Backward Loop Cast On”.


Now, once you have casted on all your stitches, you’re going to start what’s called the “Knit Stitch.” If you want your blanket to look just like mine here, then you will do this same stitch the entire time of the project. Simply watch here to create the knit stitch. (Skip ahead to about 20 seconds in and this is where the knit stitch starts).


You will continue to do the knit stitch the entire duration of the project. Once you have your desired length of blanket stitched, you’ll need to cast off your stitches in or to finish it. Watch here for easy instructions on how to cast off!
















And that’s it! You’re done! Now, if you’re dedicated and keep on schedule, you can get it done pretty quickly during watching tv or other down time depending on the size of your project. I have been multitasking mine for awhile with a ton of other things so it has taken me longer, but still in time for winter!

If you have any questions or need any help at all just ask away and I’ll do my best to help you on your way!

35 comments on “CHUNKY KNIT THROW”

  1. Actually I didn’t understood how many skeins I should buy for a queen size blanket and Could you please tell me how many meters one skein usually is?

    1. No problem! For Queen size I used 56 skeins of yarn total, and the length/meters information should be on the packaging of the skein!

  2. Thank your for sharing this gorgeous knit – love the easy instructions. It is, by far, the best home made blanket I’ve seen. LOOOVE it. Now I just need to find someone to knit it for me!

    1. Hi Wendy! I’m so glad the instructions were easy for you. You should try it! You’d be surprised how fast you learn 🙂

  3. I just found next winters project! Thank you!

    Now just to figure out the cheapest way to stockpile the needed yarn. And dye lots, need to figure out how to deal with that too.

    1. Hi Shelby!
      I’d say about half of the number I used then. (possibly a few more depending on your preference) When I started mine, I wasn’t sure how many skeins I would need, but I kept going until it got to my desired length!

  4. Gorgeous blanket! Ive been in dire need of extra income and I believe this could be just the ticket! Plus, I can make them as gifts and one or two for myself. Lol.

  5. I absolutely LOVE! Just made my first blanket with PVC pipe too but used Bernat Big Blanket yarn which is no longer available. Looking for a different yarn and love your idea! I’m curious to know if you tied each separate strand when you ran out of a skein or if you tied one knot with all three strands together each time you’d move on to the next skein? Thanks so much, I appreciate your help & can’t wait to get started!

    1. Hi Amy! The second option you listed here is what I did! So I held all three strands together, and tied them in a knot whenever I ran out!

    1. Hi Keylan! The cost would depend on the size that you are wanting to make and the type of yarn that you choose to go with. Mine here was a large queen size blanket, with a skein at about $5.00 each usually. It was roughly $200 to make I believe. Hope this helps!

  6. Hello! I was thinking of making one of these blankets (of course I would have to save up for it though) and I was thinking I could put these instructions on my blog as well. Would you mind if I did this? And I would obviously give you credit, since I am terrible at coming up with my own crafts!

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