After I completed my enormous DIY chunky knit throw, I really wanted to make something else. I just didn’t know what, and I didn’t know how. The blanket I made was fairly simple. I used the same stitch the whole time, but when you start to get into other more detailed projects, it can be confusing if  you’ve never done it before. Thankfully, We Are Knitters came to my rescue!

They make it super easy by providing you Knit Kits based on your skill level, price range, while also providing you with tons of videos and tutorials of the basics skills and techniques needed to complete your project.




Since I already have a huge blanket, I wanted to decide on something else to make that I needed and wanted but didn’t have. This whole winter season I’ve been struggling to find a headband and gloves that I really like, so once I saw the Hollyberry Warmers and Headband kit, I was so happy to finally find some, AND it was even more awesome that I got to make them myself!








To start your kit, open and follow the directions on the fold out provided in your We Are Knitters kit. For this particular headband in my kit, you’ll first want to cast on 9 stitches. Remember, you can watch the simple tutorial videos provided if you want to learn, or are having trouble with a specific technique.








Once you’ve casted on your 9 stitches, you will complete the Rib Stitch for the remainder of the headband project. Tip: The Rib Stitch is the alternating of knitting a stitch, and then purling a stitch.

Odd rows: start by knitting a stitch, and then purling a stitch, and continue that until you finish a row.

Even rows: start by purling a stitch, and then knitting a stitch, and continue that until you finish a row.

Don’t worry if at first your work looks confusing and not like the pattern. It takes a couple of rows to get it going!








You will want to continue this pattern until you have knitted 32 rows, or until you have reached the correct size to fit around your head as desired.


we-are-knitters-14 new


Once you’re finished, bind off your work and sew the headband together with the leftover yarn using the sewing needle provided in your kit.

Next, to start your hand warmers, you’ll want to cast on 15 stitches just like you did to begin the headband. Knit rows 1-8 in the rib stitch (just like the headband) and then knit rows 9-17 in the Stockinette. (The Stockinette stitch is made by knitting an entire row then purling an entire row. Knit the odd rows, and purl the even rows.)




Once you’ve completed all rows, bind off your work like before, turn it inside out, and sew the ends together with the sewing needle. And thats it! Your all done!


we-are-knitters-18 new


we-are-knitters-27 new


we-are-knitters-17 new


we-are-knitters-16 new


we-are-knitters-24 new


we-are-knitters-20 new


we-are-knitters-22 new


we-are-knitters-23 new


If you’d like to make your own (& I think you should), and want to win it, you’re in luck! We’re hosting a GIVEAWAY! Enter below and you could win $100 to spend at We Are Knitters!

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