I’m a tad bored with my earrings lately and have seen a lot of these gold evil eye pairs that I am really loving for something new and fun. #2 is quickly becoming my favorite of them all!



1. Sole Society / Evil Eye Studs | 2. SKETCHA Gold Evil Eyes | 3. Lief Shop / Evil Eye Studs | | 4. Evil Eye Earring Stud Charm | 5. “Protect Me” Evil Eye Stud | 6. Eye Stud by Marc Jacobs | 7. Katie Dean Evil Eye Studs | 8. Evil Eye Lashed Out Earrings | 9. Blink + Beam Earrings | 10. Eyelash Evil Eye | 11. Tai Evil Eye Earrings | 12. Kate Spade Lash Stud


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