I know I haven’t shared much about this in the past, or ever really I don’t think, but I am a big fitness person. Not to the point where I’m slamming back protein shakes and supplements all day everyday, but physical exercise and strength are important things to me. I’ve played sports ever since I was 5 years old and just kept going. In high school I played volleyball, basketball, soccer, and ran track, and then went on to play college volleyball for four years. Sports & exercise are great stress relievers for me personally. They boost your confidence levels, and for all you creative people out there, it does wonders for your creative thinking process. If I’ve had a bad day, or am super stressed out, going for a run or slamming a volleyball usually helps me feel better! From running, to weightlifting, to yoga, to volleyball… taking time to add in physical activities can only benefit you!



I weight lift for most of my workouts, but I also incorporate running in just as much. Funny that I never use to be a huge runner. I could do it if needed, but it wasn’t my first go to method of exercise. Although, after my college volleyball career ended, I obviously needed a way to get cardio into my workouts, so I forced myself into liking it and doing it. You can also get quality cardio through weightlifting, but on your off or muscle soreness days it’s nice to just keep it simple, get outside, and go for a run.

Now, I love winter, but one thing I hate to see decrease when it comes is my outside running time. I have gotten especially lucky this year and it’s actually been in the 40’s pretty consistently, but in Kansas City, winter is usually pretty cold. A lot of people steer clear of running outside for this exact reason, but with the right gear, you get warm and on your way in no time! To help, I wanted to share some favorites I have found, and you can also find more on this Pinterest Fitness Board!

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