Rodan + Fields Convention is coming up this week in Nashville, TN and I CAN NOT WAAAAAIIIIT!!!!! My sweet leader Wendy gifted my this super cool gift from Stoney Clover Lane! Have you guys heard of or seen them before? She let me pick out and design/customize my own pouch!

I went back and forth between white and gold (big surprise, I know haha!) but I landed on white for my bigger/main one and then I just couldn’t resist the mini patent gold pouch! It was SO CUTE and I knew that I’d find a use for it haha!

They have TONS of color options and TONS of different patch options/designs too! I got a lot of good inspiration from checking out their Instagram account too, so if you’re curious about what some other designs look like, check theirs out for sure! Instagram: @stoneyclover

Soooo, you know what I’ll be packing all my R+F products in when I travel to Nashville here soon!

All images by Courtney Shelton / HIBRID

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