I’m not a mom yet, but I’ve seen what all goes into being one, and that mine goes above and beyond everything single day. I am the oldest of 4 younger brothers, so there are 5 kids total. I cant imagine what that job is like everyday. I see her and watch her do it, but actually doing it yourself is a different story.

I got the idea for this gift about a year ago. Once I thought of it, I pretty much started right then because I knew it would take a long time to do especially on top of all my other work. If you’ve listened to any interviews of mine in the past, you’ll hear me mention my mom a lot as the person who positively pushed me the most when it came to my artistic abilities and helping them grow. Like most mothers, she loves handmade gifts crafted with love, so I thought this would be perfect for her.

I first started by making a list of reasons. I had a big chunk of them written down at once and then added smaller chunks after that as I thought of them over the following weeks/months. My mom is also an avid photographer of us, so we have tons of photo albums with old images that I began going through and scanning in.

I used Artifact Uprising to print the book itself and I could not have been more pleased with its quality. This was my first time printing a book with them and I’m so glad I did! Hardcover is important to keep everything safe and in tact, but I also loved the linen fabric color that is available in multiple colors, as well as a customizable book jacket.

Mom was just 22 years old here in this photo with her dog Cassie. She randomly showed it to me one day when I was over and I thought it was so pretty and that it would go just perfect in the beginning pages of the book!

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  1. If you know my daughter you will know what an amazing woman she has turned out to be. This is the most wonderful and most sentimental gift I’ve ever been given. I cried when I saw it and I still cry when I look at it but they’re happy tears. The fact that she put so much love and effort into something so amazing for me just melts my heart. Raising 5 kids and working full time is a lot of hard work but each and every one of them is so worth it. I wouldn’t change it for anything. They all make me smile everyday. I’m so proud of Courtney and all of her accomplishments. She works so hard and is so very talented. I love her so much and I’m so proud that she’s my daughter! I’m so very very lucky!

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