A few months ago, designer Joseph Gonzalez came to me and asked if I would be able to do some lettering for his new tattoo that he was going to be getting. Joseph wears a variety of creative hats, ranging from illustrator, photographer, speaker, educator, and more. So naturally, he had decided on a word that encompassed all of these roles… “Create”.

I began lettering as many versions of the word as I could to get a nice rhythm going so that I could reach my best work. After awhile they all start to look the same…but in my head, I’ve kept track of the winners!



Tattoo designs are such fun pieces and projects to work on for me personally. I’m so use to the normal and typical forms of material that lettering goes on. The human body is obviously not one of those I normally work with, so it’s so fun and exciting for me to see it in a different context. It’s not everyday someone is asking for you writing to be on them for rest of their life! Thanks for some of the great images Joseph!


Image by Joseph Gonzalez

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