One of my goals this year is to keep a more orderly workspace. Although, in a book I’m reading about creativity, a quote similar to this one got me thinking that maybe I don’t have to be “too orderly,” maybe just a little bit.

“Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights.” -Dr. Kathleen D. Vohs



One thing I haven’t quite figured out how to store and organize yet is my physical process. I am a piler…so with sheets and sheets of lettering and other illustrative elements floating around, it makes it very hard to successfully organize and store it all in a visually appealing way which is a huge need for me.





I have ALWAYS loved Poppin ever since I found their site of colorfully categorized desk and organizational products. They’re sleek, simple, and have this great stack, slide and lock into place functionality. So during this past holiday season when my space got a bit chaotic with multiple projects and quick deadlines, I knew I needed to figure out some ways to keep it better organized.





Once I was on the Poppin site, I quickly found a solution to help my endless floating paper problem. They have these great zip folios that fit letter size paper and this sleek white file sorter that work pretty perfect together. Each client/project gets a zip folio, and within that, i can paper clip rounds of revisions and edits together so I know what all goes together and what is the most recent work within the project!







This solution has been working out great so far, so I’m hoping it continues. What are some organizational ways/items you use to store your work?!

White File Sorter | White Paper Clips | Clear Zip Folios | White File Box


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