More lettering! If you follow on Instagram, then you have probably seen most of this. It’s a brief visual of my growth and progression of styles and color combinations. Progress and process are one of my favorite parts of design. I love seeing how something starts, and then looking back and seeing how far along it has come. I think you can learn a lot about yourself if you take steps back once in awhile and study the characteristics of your own personal design process.




Some things that I have noticed about mine is that I work a lot better by using a roll of tracing paper. This way I can lay compositions right over top of one another and more effectively fix my errors that I have made from the sketch previous. Using trace also allows you to have a variety of different sized drawing sheets each time you tear a new piece. There are about 1,000 more sheets of trace like this that I have…I’m running out of places to put it!









8 comments on “PROCESS & PROGRESSION”

  1. How have I never thought of using tracing paper!? The bristol board I use gets so expensive 😉 LOVE this look in to your process Court! You’re so talented!

  2. I also have pages and pages of tracing paper in folders around my home. Your lettering looks amazing! I love how easy you can switch between styles and weights. That’s such a huge problem area for me and I’m not sure if it’s the pens I’ve been using or just my weird hands. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Im glad you like it Angel! It’s just lots of practice and studying the styles. Try out the Pentel Color brush and see how you like it! Best of luck 🙂

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