As I start my journey to R+F convention this morning, I hope that if I do or accomplish one thing this weekend, it’s that I hope I show you that you deserve more and that you can have more if more is what you’re wanting for you or your family.

Above image by Rodan + Fields

• If you want freedom, I hope you see that you can have that.

• If you want to be able to financially better help a cause that is close to your heart, I hope you see that you can have that.

• If you want to have the funds to travel, I hope that you can see that this opportunity can give you that.

• If you want a community of people who support you 100% day in and day out, I hope you see that this can give you that.

• If you want time back in your life to spend it doing the things you actually love, I hope that you see that I can help you obtain that.

But most of all, I hope that my experience this weekend shows you aren’t stuck. You aren’t too old or too young to make a change or to add something else into your life. Each day we have the option to make our lives whatever we want them to be, BUT we must be brave and strong to let go of the things that weigh us down if we want to fly to our dreams.

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