First, I want ALL OF THIS! I came across this furniture while I was browsing online one day and loved it immediately. Its color, shaped, material, and design are just perfect. 

‘It comes from Crosby Studios with office locations in the US, Europe, and Russia. Founded by Dmitry Vorontsov and designer and architect Harry Nuriev, Crosby Studios seems to look to anywhere but Russia for inspiration — Collection 1, the studio’s first, sculptural furniture range (made in Brooklyn), was inspired by classical Roman architecture and modern Japanese masters like Shiro Kuramata. Japan pops up again when you ask Nuriev how he begins to reimagine a space. Nuriev believes in a kind of aesthetic healing — that a well-designed and orderly space can somehow free you.’

-Site Unseen, Jill Singer

These specific pieces can be found at the Patrick Parish gallery in New York, New York.

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