So my gallery wall has been in need of some attention for AWHILE now. I finally got to devote a good amount of time to finalizing all the pieces that I want included in it for the time being. Do you guys ever get bored of the content in your gallery wall and feel the need to change it frequently? I hate that, but I’ve noticed that’s how I am with my decor. Even though I LOVE every piece that I choose to put up, I always want to change it out after awhile. Here’s where I’m at currently…what do you think?!

  1. HIBRID Original  |  2. Max Wanger, Wave No. 2  |  3. HIBRID Original  |  4. Max Wanger, Escape  |  5. Blah, Easy Tiger  |  6. HIBRID Original  |  7. Noosa Print, Leah Bartholomew  |  8. Baba Souk, Peace Fatima  | 9. Illustration by John Dawbarn, Not for sale | 10. HIBRID Monstera Leaf Wallpaper Download  |  11. Confetti Riot Face Print  | 12. Bando Agenda*  |  13. HIBRID Original

* A plus if you buy a yearly Agenda…you can reuse the monthly artwork pages in your space wherever you like. Just cut them out and wha-la!

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