Do you guys listen to any podcasts at all?! I’ve always known what they are, but I’m actually quite new to them to be honest. I guess I’ve always strayed from them because it feels like just another thing that I have to add to my of to-dos, but I found out that it’s actually quite the opposite!  They are so easy to just turn on and let play in the background while you’re doing other things. Such a time saver for us extreme multi-taskers!

One of my fellow SCAD grad school alumna, Kelsey Cronkhite, started her own brand, Pinegate Road, whenever we were in grad school together. She’s let it grow and evolve into what she needs and wants it to be. As you can see now, she offers a number of design services ranging from web design, branding, custom lettering, art direction, and photography. Recently, she has started her own podcast that has been a big undertaking and new addition to the blog, and I’m a guest on it today!

In Kelsey and I’s conversation today, we cover:

  • My start/journey into the design world
  • Both of our thoughts on graduate school at SCAD
  • My transition into the working world after SCAD
  • Picking a name that fits your brand
  • Creating a strong, consistent Instagram feed that supports your business
  • My journey with learning hand lettering
  • Balancing HIBRID with another full time job
  • When to take your side job to full time
  • What is HIBRID’s next step?
  • Internet research of desired collaborators
  • Maintaining good health and fitness habits
  • Our favorite infused water recipes

You can listen to our podcast episode here: “Following Your Passions and Growing an Instagram Following with Courtney Shelton”

If you’d like to listen to more from Pinegate Road, you can also subscribe here on iTunes and listen to previous episodes! Subscribe here: iTunes Pinegate Road Podcast


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