I LOVE anything and everything sea salt and salted caramel, so obviously the Salt Caramel Mocha is my favorite Starbucks holiday drink! I don’t even want to know how much money I’ve spent on it since Halloween, buuuuut it’s a limited time only so I guess its ok. I wanted to do some of Starbuck’s Red Cup Art this year and I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing this Merry & Bright design, but its been my favorite holiday piece I’ve done this season and seemed like the perfect fit for some Red Cup Art. It was fun and got me thinking about ideas for next year and possibly doing a whole collection of different designs. But we’ll get to that when it comes. Until next year! Did you guys do any #RedCupArt of your own?!



To see more Starbucks Red Cup Art, search the hashtag #RedCupArt on Instagram or Twitter, and see more of Starbucks favorite picks from this year at redcupcollection.com


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