At R+F Convention this Fall we launched two new amazing products! One of them is The Pore Cleansing MD System and it is innovation in skincare at it’s finest you guys! This tool, to put it simply, is like a vacuum…for your face!

It uses 2 different levels of suction to suck out all of the gunk in your pores, while cleaning them and minimizing them at the same time. It comes with 2 types of different disposable heads, one for pore cleansing, and one for removing blackheads specifically.

You use this tool once a week on your t-zone area (so forehead, nose, chin) and can instantly see results with what comes out on the pore cleansing tip!

If you’re on Instagram and want to check out a LIVE DEMO of how this tool works, check it out here on IGTV: LIVE DEMO of the Pore MD System! I take you through the entire process of how to use the tool and how everything works.

As you can see, after just 1 use of this tool, so much gross gunk came out! Even if you are someone who washes their face religiously everyday, you STILL have stuff stuck in your pores if you aren’t using this tool.

Check out this video as well to hear our Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields explain the science and reasoning behind the Pore MD System, its design, and why your skin needs it!

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