Are you a teen or young adult (roughly ages 12-24) who suffers from awful acne breakouts? It’s ok! I was one of those people too, and still am, BUT, we all have help and assistance now from Rodan + Fields and their acne innovations!

I started getting breakouts as a teen at 16 years old and they have stayed with me til this day. At the age of 27, I still got breakouts on my face and never went a few days without having clear, acne free skin until I was introduced to R+F’s Unblemish Regimen for adults. I started using this full regimen everyday, and within 1 month, my breakouts cleared up, and over time, they stopped!

I am so, so grateful for Unblemish, but I SO would have wished that Spotless would have been a product when I was a teen!

Check it out on Allure here!

Did you guys know that 85% of teens and young adults have acne? It’s also the #1 skin concern of teens and young adults today.

Our Doctor’s designed this system to work fast, give effective results, and be easy for teens to work into their day. This regimen is a 2-step system BPO2 Technology (that only R+F has) and delivers Oxygen and Benzoyl Peroxide straight to the pores, killing acne and bacteria starting on Day 1 of use!

ALLURE wasn’t the only to agree though 🙂 Tons and tons of press is released each year on our products, and Teen Vogue was just another of them who agreed!

You can also listen to Madeline’s Spotless journey here as well. She is one of thousands of teens and young adults who is experiencing a whole new life thanks to our Spotless Regimen!

One of the BEST parts about our products is that they do what they actually say they’re going to do. So if you’re using them daily, you’ll have a before and after in no time just like these of yourself!

Learn even more about Spotless here and Shop it here!

Lastly, if you’re interested in R+F products, but aren’t sure which ones are right for you, let’s chat! You can also go through this quick Skincare Quiz that is extremely helpful too!

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