Are you a warm weather person, or a cold weather person? I use to be fine with all seasons, and then for some reason, a few years ago, my body all of the sudden started hating Summer! Like tons of gross sweating (ew, I know) and lightheaded-ness and headaches from the heat. Just all around NOT GOOD haha 

So now, I am 100% a Fall/Winter person! I know it’s not the norm, but my Siberian Husky, Phalon and I have the BEST time outside in the cooler months 🙂 We’re currently in the high 90 degree temps right now in Kansas City and it. is. not. good. 🙁 In comparison to other regions though, Summer isnt entirely too long here I guess, but man…is it Winter yet?!

What’s your season and your ideal temp?!

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